Saturday, April 5, 2008

Strange picture to have

So Nick is a nice guy right... just finished the ride, we were all soaking wet, cold and a trip over to the east side was the last thing in my mind. So since Nicks place is very near by, he hosts some Pizza and Beer , Nick's got a cool place with a well wicked view of some bushes. Upon entering his crib, i'm like yeah well sorted and needed the bathroom, then a vortex of confusion overcame me. I'll post the picture and you can see if this triggers some weird thoughts for you, I guess it's male specific, but never the less, a very juxtapose positioning of artwork. Maybe this is for inspiration

Nicks bathroom. (sorry for the poor camera phone pictures)

1 comment:

Bike Vigilantes said...

I think we all agree, Nick has some issues.

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