Monday, April 28, 2008

Weekend Vigilante Rides

Bunch of different vigilante rides took place this last weekend. The weather was great, the riding was wonderful and Chris got the short end of the stick with a bike path pusher. Don't worry, separated shoulders heal quick and you'll feel fresh once you're back on the bike.

The Sunday afternoon road ride did a tour of the west hills, ronde style. Sally from Raleigh and Carey from Rapha joined up with Dylan and Ryan from the vigilantes to make a great group.

At the end we climbed Brynwood, 23-28 percent grade, yeah it's steep. Carey rocked the whole thing with a double, first time I've seen a chick pull that one off. Touche.

This is what we looked like afterwards.

And, through the tunnels before celebrating with some tasty beverages.

And to think someone discarded this?

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