Tuesday, May 13, 2008

How Does This Happen?

So, after work I (Dylan) head over to watch the prologue of the hood classic. When I show up I have my jersey's unzipped and Joel says,

"What the f#*$ happened to you man?"

I look at him and go,

"Nothing dude, get off my back, I hate you, (well the end their isn't quite true)."

Then I notice he's looking down at my neck at which point I notice I'm bleeding down my chest. Hum, what did happen to me? For a moment I felt like Jesus being crucified on the cross. Then I think, that's crazy. Here's the only rational thing I can put together.

So I'm rocking up the west hills on my single and it's getting hotter than a mother out. So I decide to show off my three chest hairs by giving a little unzip to my jersey. I reach the top, triumphant and sweaty. On the way back down to the city I zip my jersey back up and BAM, my big ass adams apple gets in the way again. It stung a bit but since my legs where still screaming from the single speed climb it goes unnoticed. I'm just happy I didn't rip my adams apple all the way threw to make me sound like that guy from south park. Moral of the story, be careful when you zip upstairs or down.

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