Friday, May 30, 2008

YAKIMA lunch throwdown

Thursdays at high noon we roll out from Yakima global HQ and throwdown for bragging rights for the week. The route has several sprint points and one long climb. We keep score every ride and crown a weekly winner.
Last year we threw down through the spring and summer until we switched into CYCLOCROSS mode.

The official (but incomplete) score for 2007 was:
  1. Chris: 4
  2. Dylan: 2
  3. Jeff: 1
  4. Eric: 1
There were more wins than that, but this is what is written in the permanent record. If we had all the results, Chris would still be the WINNER...for last year.

This year is all new with different players and different winners. We have been throwing down on the standard route all year, but have neglected to keep the official score.
To catch up, the OFFICIAL score for 2008 is now:
  1. DaveC: 3
  2. Dylan: 3
  3. Nick:1
Can anybody knock DaveC off his high horse? Will Dylan keep his consistent status? Or will the pressure cause him to crack? What happened to Chris? What will James need to do to win? Will Nick try the early break again to avoid having to sprint?

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