Monday, June 9, 2008

Larch Mountain Climb

In honor of the 20th anniversary ride of Andy Hampsten in the snowy gavia climb a group of portlanders set out for their own version. Rapha and Chris King put the concept together and the day proved to be equally fitting for Andy's giro capture. Although we started off a little slow, hugging pink unicorns and all, we eventually left Rapha HQ on the 50 degree rainy day.

I think Daniel would have rather spent the rainy afternoon with his pet unicorn.

the long grind up larch

The good conversations made up for the nasty rain as we headed up Larch mountain. Nearing the top of the climb the road was closed down with a gate. Another mile up the road snowbanks started to form and with three miles to go the road was covered in a couple feet of snow. Nothing like riding Oregon in June.

We descended back down to the city and had a great dinner with some tasty beverages at Amnesia. It was an amazing ride with some really great people. Thanks to everyone that came out.

sally showing us how to climb in the snow

as high as we could go up larch

yum, beer

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BF kemyooter said...

Hey punks...don't forget there was a Seattle-ite in that group as well.

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