Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Short Track with the new Vigilantes kits

Portland Racing put on another phenomenal short track race and we rocked the new Bike Vigilante kits. Nick, Tony, and Chris raced expert. Dave raced sport, and Charlie, Julio, Joe, and Dylan raced singlespeed.

Nick Gibson showing off how he killed the expert field again taking home another 2nd place.

Chris looking mad that his rear hub is blowing up. It's NOT a Chris King...but it should be.

Tony's on fire...again.

Dave made friends with the dirt (face first) but got up and rode it out.

Dylan VanWeelden riding the woods bringing home another top 10 finish. Dave Roth took a bunch of great shots like this one.

Charlie channels his inner Tony.

Joe racing past the little kids who wanted everyone to do a wheelie.

Julio rocked the singlespeed race this week.

Tony got some new teeth after crashing in the mississippi crit.

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