Monday, August 18, 2008

TT Techniques a.k.a Crank That

There has been a lot of hype recently in the team regarding these mysterious beasts that are referred to as "TT" or Tee Tee's, and no it's not some kind of new American Apparel overpriced article. It is however a well wicked fresh style of riding that the kids are doing nowadays to settle bets, place rankings and so forth. Being the good vigilante that i am, i thought i would share some of my new "Speed Techniques" from my forth coming book ... Bucky's Speed Techniques - 101 Ways to feel like you are going faster.

1) First you need one of these.

(The hole in one of these is useful for the male, maybe not necessary for females or special variety males with flat low profile thingies.)

2) Then ramp up to about 28-32mph on a flat stretch.

3) Super Man

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