Saturday, September 13, 2008

Pain (and dust) on the Peak

The first actual cyclocross race of the season was today. Pain on the Peak was a dusty lumpy hilly windy hot race put on by Portland Velo. It was a great start to the season. Most of the course was plowed into a hay field on the top of Bald Peak. The combination of golden grass and 180 degree views from Portland to the coast range was spectacular.

Tony and Joe both raced Masters B and they pulled off a nearly perfect bookend. Tony got 2nd and Joe had last of the finishers. Both guys were hard to recognize after their race because they were covered head to toe in black sweaty dust.

I raced Masters A. At one point in the first lap, the dust in the air was so thick I couldn't see the rider in front of me, much less the course. We were riding on trust and memory. Fortunately our invisible conga line made it through without much mishap. As the field spread out, the worst of the dust was gone and we were able to see what we had been riding through blind. Luckily in the dusty blind sections there were no barriers. I rode without mishap and placed 17th. Ryan Trebon showed up and schooled all comers. I think he lapped the entire A's field. Some of us were lapped by Treefarm multiple times.

Pictures to follow. I've never ridden in dust like that so the pics are sure to be incredible. Next week we're all headed to Starcrossed and then off to CrossVegas!


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Joe Partridge said...

I finished almost-last in singlespeed as well.

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