Monday, October 27, 2008

Astoria Halloween Race Report - for Uma

This is a special dispatch from Yakima Bike Vigilantes press corps prepared at the demand of Uma Kleppinger.

Saturday racing shaped up as a normal cross race, with everyone taking it seriously and several good wipeouts. No Vigilante damages, with Dylan taking home 7th in the singlespeed race for the best Yakima result on the day. Eric did pretty well too, bagging 11th in the B race. Dave was 17th in B's, Nick was 35th in the A's. Looks like our sandbagging days are over, for now.

Day two was a little different story. Eric our ringer was at home, and the rest of us were knackered from the previous day's racing and revelry. Even our company car was a little worse for wear on Sunday morning. But we proudly strapped on 2-foot tall Go USA top hats and raced as Uncle Sams. The crowd was very supportive. I have to say the highlight of the day was watching Dylan execute a classic snowboarding fall with his cross bike, clipping the last barrier of the six-pack with his back foot and hitting the deck hard.

Oh yeah, Uma was there too, looking hot in more ways than one in her pleather trenchcoat.

Get a look at all of Robin's photos.


Anonymous said...

nice report uma. I'm still spitting out dirt from that sixth barrier. Who puts six barriers in a row? WTF? Oh, maybe it was the fact I was carrying a beer in my mouth at the time. I obviously can't do two things at once.


uma k. • velo devi said...

hey. I like this "demand" thing. I demand something and the thing happens. Hmm... A girl could start getting ideas...





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