Sunday, October 26, 2008

Return of the Six Pack

Last week at Rainier High School - Cross Crusade #3 was the first appearance of the infamous six pack. These barriers are a signature element of the Cross Crusade and they were missed in the first two races of the series.
Unlike last year the conditions were dry and dusty. Cornering on the grass was like riding on velcro. We had eleven vigilantes racing on a foggy/sunny dry day.

Jimmy got 60th in beginners
James got 45th in C’s
Major Jeff got 21st in C’s
Chuck got 67th in C+
Tony (the mouth) got 28th in B’s Dat sounds like fun
Major Dave got 22nd in his first race in the B’s
Eric got 12th in the B’s
Dave D got 59th in the B+
Joe got 60th in SS
Dylan got 7th in SS
Major Chris got 37th in A+

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