Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Raleigh Rainiers have arrived!

The Raleigh Rainier singlespeed cyclocross frames just arrived. We missed most of the local cross season, but there are still a few races left. I hurried to get mine built up so I could ride it. It's one nice bike. The geometry is spot on and it rides FAST. White has been the new black for a little while but the full white bars, brakes post, stem, fork, etc. just fits on this bike. There's something about white out on a muddy cross course.

FSA post and bars, Kore brakes and levers. White Industries ENO hubs, Velocity rims, SRAM Force cranks, Fizik saddle.

Look for a posse of Bike Vigilantes all riding singlespeed on smokin white Rainiers at the races .



Dave said...

Nice work Chris. The red rims look great. We need to figure out how to integrate a bottle opener into these frames. -Dave

Anonymous said...

oh so sexy! I want one...

BF kemyooter said...

(Sniff) There's something beautiful about seeing one of your babies all grown up and venturing out into a brave new world. Please tell me you christened it with a little vitamin R.

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