Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Eugene Roubaix Race Report

It was a beautiful day for a bike race.

Our group was a little thin and it got thinner before breakfast when Dylan was robbed.
His beloved Ibis is safe. Unfortunately he lost the sack containing all of his cycling gear and 6 condoms (2 soiled). So he stayed home. Sorry Dylan.

Our pair of Jasons toyed with them in the Cat 4/5 heat. Jason Crago finished a respectable 15th in his first road race this century. Jason Zadow finished mid-pack.

In the 3's, with one or maybe two more Vigilantes, we would have eaten them up. Team Oregon had about 9 people out there but they would not have touched a proper Vigilante posse. Khari had a tough day and hit the showers early. I hung in there. A breakout of two got a minute or so ahead of the main group and so the rest of us got to race for third. I got 16th.

It was a riot.

Respectfully submitted


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