Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ultimate 3 Day Weekend Takes to the Trails

Today the we took to the trails fully decked out by the most amazing tour guide company I've ever seen, Cog Wild. If you're in Bend and need a guide look no further than Cog Wild. Pine Mountain Sports also hooked our crew up with some killer mountain bikes.

We started off with a couple miles up a fire road trucking through some snow on the way. Once to the top we headed down the "Whoops Trail." Lots of berms, jumps, table tops and all sorts of goodness. At the bottom every rider had a grin from ear to ear. Moments like this are what it's all about. The whole crew was stoked for hours while riding all types of different terrain. Check out more pics here.

Along the way we also saw this "Non-Yakima Rack " that seemed to fuction better with the help of some tape.

Our night capper involved the local hot tub.

More Pics Here

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