Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Vigilantes Dominate Ashland Race Series

Ashland 12 Mile Super D: From the top of Mt. Ashland Ski resort, 5K drop in 12 miles with 600' of climbing- Gibson sweeps the Cat 1 Expert field with a stellar run of 37 minutes flat, stomping out a 46 second lead over second! Huge pro field with Adam Craig throwing down a scary fast run of 33 minutes. Darren Seeds ended up in 5th in the Cat 1, even after clipping a tree at 30+ and getting slammed bending his bar and leaving some battle scars!

There was also the DH Avid Chainless Challenge on Saturday, where racers shuttle to the top of a very fast technical flowy Downhill course and race to the bottom with no chain...it's all about tucked speed, cornering and "no brakes"! Darren Seeds took 3rd place, but wasn't around to claim it...as the team went straight up to the top for practice runs for the next day's race.

More Pictures of the Race Here

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