Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Preparing for the Rapha Gentleman's Race

The team is gathering all needed materials for the gentleman's race coming up this weekend. Not easy to do with a 140 mile race with no support. Here's the recommended start up kit, seems easy enough...

• A Gentleman Cyclist would know and understand the L.U.B.
• A Gentleman Cyclist welcomes cycling as a lifetime friend.
• A Gentleman Cyclist knows the important role cycling has played throughout history and into the future.
• A Gentleman Cyclist gives something back to cycling. Either through training the next generation of cyclists, sharing the sport in new ways with others or contributing to the general welfare of cycling through activism, art, public examples of good manners, or whatever other talents he/she may have. Give in the measure to which he/she has received.
• A Gentleman Cyclist is well reasoned, well read and well intentioned.
• A Gentleman Cyclist knows the Rules of the Road and practices Civilized Cycling
• A Gentleman Cyclist has duty to the sport – respect the past and invest yourself in its future
• A Gentleman Cyclist has good manners – on and off the wheel.
• A Gentlemen Cyclist serves his/her family, community and country, aids the less fortunate cyclist (regardless of gender), leaves the sport better than he/she found it, passes no judgments and NEVER complains.
• A Gentleman Cyclist does not judge others by their equipment or manner of dress so it is sometimes difficult to spot a Gentleman Cyclist in a crowd. In fact, the outward appearance can be deceiving; he/she can look like anyone, dress in any manner, and ride any bike in the world but the attitude and actions will always mark him/her as a Gentleman or Gentlewoman.
• A Gentleman Cyclist knows his impact upon the world and guides him/herself accordingly.
• A Gentleman Cyclist never tires of the special gift of cycling.
• As defined in the dictionary, a Gentleman is a man/woman of refinement.

Here's a video of last years event.

Rapha Gentlemen's Race - Sept. 6th, 2008 from RAPHA on Vimeo.

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