Tuesday, December 8, 2009

USGP cross racing fun

USGP came and it went. The cold weather flew in and bit us all. America's best came and showed us how it's done. But one thing was missing, the hoards and hoards of portland racers and fans alike. I guess $6 a pint doesn't attract quite the crowds. Cross Crusade, keep doing what you're doing. USGP to you I say fairwell.

Here's a video of the single speed race from Dylan VanWeelden's bike.

USGP Single Speed Race from Dylan VanWeelden on Vimeo.

Jason Crago warming up getting ready to kill some folks.

We brought the team set up with bitchin' overhead signage.

Crago doing the killing.

The dreamy course.

Chris Sautter on the run up.

Boy can run.

Sautter taking his stab a killing it just the same.

The bloods coming back to the brain.

And you have to love the post race stories.

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