Friday, December 18, 2009

The Vigilante Cross Natz Race Video

Here's a quick video of race footage shot from the Yakima Bike Vigilantes during various races of the 2009 cyclo-cross national championships in Bend, OR. Racers Dylan VanWeelden and Chris Sautter mounted Go Pro Cameras to various places on their bikes to capture the footage.

Cyclo-Cross US National Championships from Dylan VanWeelden on Vimeo.

Vigilante Results:
Chris Sautter - Master A's 40-45 -  66th
Jason Crago - Master A's - 54th
Darrin Seeds - Single Speed -  21st
Darrin Seeds - Master A's 30-34 - DNF
Dylan VanWeelden - Single Speed - 31st
Dylan VanWeelden - Master A's 30-34 - 40th
Dave Condon - Master A's 30-34 - 49th

Brian Vernor (director of Pure Sweet Hell) also premiered his new film about the cross culture in Japan. Talkdemonic played an amazing set over super 8 film cross footage then the movie took center stage. It's so great to see the combination of art and cycling come together. We tip out hats to Brian...

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