Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Crossin' at the Asylum

The Cross Crusade venue this week was at Villebois which is built on the site of an old asylum.

Sandbagging Dave hogged the podium from his Alpenrose win.
Luckily the weather was nice because there would have been a lot more carnage if all the rutted bumpy sections were muddy. Dave AKA Sandbagger #1 won the C's again. We had vigilantes sprinkled throughout the classes including David Fee in his scout uniform in Master's C. Eric took home a 6 pack from his placing last week.

Here's Dave gunning for a solid sandbagging win. Who knows how many more races they let him race C's. He's due for a callout to the B's any day.
Here's Chris doing the bunnyhop remount in the Master's A. No sandbagging here with a 24th place finish. 24th is good for a six pack next week.

James showing how light his bike is with a new fork after last week's spectacle.


K-Man said...

Time for Dave Condon to go bye bye to the B's?

Brooke Hoyer said...

Yes. As is C+ triple winner Mike Gilbert. I can see winning on Crusade race as a C (or C+). But two? That's sandbagging in my book!

Anonymous said...

Yeah step up Dave, no need for a call out. No glory in the Cs!

Anonymous said...

I got the official call up from Kenji today. Balls!

Anonymous said...

Dave, your my #1 racer, you rock like ricky. Keep up the good work. Let me know if you if you need anymore of those special supplements.

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