Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"the guy upstairs" - another Vigilante Winner

Once upon a time, there was a guy upstairs, the guy upstairs was concerned with ROI, WACC and other excel spreadsheet things that are purtinent for running of a high power company.... the guy upstairs certainly had no interest in these things with two wheels, the guy upstairs said I like treadmills, he did very well on the treadmill gradually morphing into a lean mean running machine.... then the switch, the guy thought to himself why move at 6mph when I can be lean mean and 28mph, the love came, inspiration in the form of high modulus carbon fiber and an old skool super star Eddy Merckx.

drum roll ..... Introducing the new Mark Reis!

Weighing in at 195, 6ft 2, Lean mean cycling machine.
Mark lays down the power on his spanking new Eddy Merckx road bike which is proving to have a high ROI ratio!

Now for the real amazing...recently after only a few months of riding, Mark completed his first century in record breaking time. yes 100 miles ladies and gents.

Big round of applause, nice job Mr. Reis.


Anonymous said...

Nice work Mark, now you can set your sights on a double century.

Jbucky1 said...

I like your Ghostbuster Oven Mitts, nice job man, 100miles is a long long way for sure.

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