Friday, April 10, 2009

Race for the Roses Half Marathon

Recap By: Brianna Walle

April 5th, 2009....I am pumped! Six long months of training will finally pay off. The total mileage each week close to 40 miles, I am ready and prepared. Mom would be proud!

I am sporting my Yakima bike jersey to give me strength, compression CWX shorts to keep the blood flowing, cool shades and , most importantly, had a stellar bfast. Yummy oatmeal, OJ, Espresso and Arctic Root to keep my endurance to par. The race begins at 7am and I am a tiger. Taking it easy the first 4 miles, averaging 7:30/mile...picking it up at mile 6, now 7:00/mile....then I hit the wall. Mile 10 is killing my thighs, it's rough...I took Arctic Root prior to the race, feeling strong..need energy! Yah for Gel Shots:) Raspberry is the stuff I'm telling ya! The last 3 miles I am running 7:00/mile and get close to 6:00/mile the last mile...up the final bridge and I see two girls who were in front of me back at mile this point, I am sprinting 4:30MPM....I close my eyes and push to the finish-see the last pic, blasting past them.

Was my strongest finish ever. I could of run another 13 to complete a full marathon. Portland International Marathon here I come! Now a break in my running routine and gear up for biking.

Thanks Yakima for being Mighty and Strong!! GRRR!!

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Anonymous said...

Hey, great blog about your morning blast before the half marathon. I take Arctic Root also -- the company that makes it,, has a newer formulation made just for runners, incorporating Arctic Root and two other adaptogens, which are safe for athletes (non-doping) and do not have stimulants in them such as caffeine and guarana. I now use Adapt 232. Keep up the good runs, Linda

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