Sunday, May 31, 2009

Riding with Rapha Contintental

The Rapha Continental is a collection of the United States' most epic rides and routes, published as a online journal with future plans to become the most beautiful cycling guide book of all time. From inspiration to information, the Continental is a commitment to the lost art of cycling and the glory of suffering.

Dylan, a Yakima Bike Vigilante, joined up with the Rapha Continental crew on a ride in the sand dunes of northern Michigan. This is where Dylan first learned the freedoms of riding a bike to get away from it all. The area is well know for it's rolling hills, farms and amazing blue waters. On this day in May none were existent. Rain rolled in and covered the peninsula in fog, leaving the views of the lakes to a bare minimum. The crew of seven riders battled through the rain and wind for 100 miles and had an amazing time doing so.

Check out the Story on Rapha's site.

Check out pictures of the rider here.

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