Friday, May 29, 2009

Vigilantes rock PIR Tuesday Night

Pardon the tardiness for the blog posting, i was out partying with Tom Boonen and my memory is a little hazy.

Tuesday night Condon and myself went out to PIR to race the 3/4 race. What started as a "Lets just sit towards the front and hang on" quickly turned into "Hey lets be in every break possible!" Dave and i took turns bridging and attacking but nothin really stuck. We laid low in the hot laps so we could be around later in the 16 lap race. With 5 to go Dave got in a break that almost broke free, but the powers at front rolled them up once the bell was rung for another hot lap. After the hot lap another couple guys attacked, and i followed. The 3 of us were able to hang on for the next two laps to the finish, thanks to Dave and his ability to slow the group down when needed. I pulled the entire finishing stretch trying not to get caught and was pipped at line......

The chase group did catch our third rider at the line and dropped him the 4th, yeah it was that close.

Add in the hot lap points and i pulled out a respectable 3rd place, not bad for a fairly new Cat 4. You can read the full story at my blog.

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Dave said...

Sandbagger! It was a great move Jeff, perfect timing.

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