Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hood River Super D

The Yakima domination of the Super D continued at the Hood River Super D last weekend. This race was held in Post Canyon with 3000' of drop and 400' of climbing over 8 miles. The Hood River Super D race is the second longest and the most scenically spectacular race in Oregon. It features very fast and technical singletrack trails that have been filmed in major mountain bike videos. Post Canyon is becoming one of the top mountain bike meccas in North America and athletes are flocking here every summer to test their skills throughout our diverse network of trails.

Darrin rode the course without a prerun and with an over the bars crash off the course into some trees and brush, and several blown out corners! He pulled off a 7th place in Cat 1.

Nick rode the skinsuit in style to a 3rd place in Cat 1.

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BF kemyooter said...

With so much "domination" going on, are ya'll really Vigilantes anymore? It's more like ya'll are the LAW now.

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