Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Short Track to Success

Breaking my collarbone last fall gave me a lot of time to think about my motivation for racing. It also provided the opportunity to whine continually to anyone within earshot, but that's a different story. Hurting yourself in an amateur race seems very stupid after the fact.

"I'll do things differently when I come back," you tell yourself. "No more balls-out sprints for 30th place."

Then you get back on your bike. You ride A LOT because you missed it so much for two months. Your base gets better than ever. And suddenly, in the second week of short track, you cruise across the line in first. I didn't know I was leading the race, because we were intermixed with another field. Here's what it looks like when you win and only realize afterward:

We had a great contingent of Bike Vigilantes last week, with the results as follows:

7th: Nick Gibson
26th: Jason Crago
31st: James Buckroyd
DNF :( Joe Partridge - better luck with the nails vs. tires battle next time, Joe.

Cat 1:
7th: Darrin Seeds

Cat 2:
1st: Dave Condon

Cat 1+:
10th: Tony Ohotto
11th: Chris Sautter

Cat 2+:
23rd: Chuck Kraeuter

You can also check out Robin's full set of pictures.

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