Tuesday, September 29, 2009


These are the results for the 9.28 monday night race. Note this is a training race and placing is not of much importance. Their are no category or age split ups yet, save that for Sunday's race at AlpenRose. If you are not listed on here you didn't yell your name quite loud enough, all apologies.

Womens Race

Danielle Booth
Sara Fletcher
Tonya Roe
Taylor Skekell
Emilia Sibley
Leah deForest
Carol Pelmas
Lauren Adrian
Julie Pendelton
Mielle Bloomberg

Mens Race
John Gorman
Dan Sharp
Brian Larson
Sal Bondi
Zac Strode
Steven Case
Graham Wagner
Eric Evans
Rick Jones
Andrew Sullivan
David Smith
Shawn Cecotti
Michael Fletcher
Robert Christensen
Marc Romano
Jeff McCormick
Darren Kling
Jamie Whalen
Daniel Spear
Christopher Francoeur
Michael Tarro
Jamaal Folsom
David Lowe-Rostad
Tom Achor
Rick Boston
Aaron Adams
Mike Davis
Timothy Breaut
Michael Fisher
Andrew Morphis
Dan Richardson
Clayton Allen
Juergen Panascha
Rutherford Brakke -Pound
Justin Garder
Shawn McBride
Eric Volkman
Richard Rintoul
Jim Webb
Terry Lee

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