Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Cross Crusade at Alpenrose 2009

A posse of Vigilantes raced last Sunday at the Cross Crusade at Alpenrose Dairy.

Jeremy - Beginner
Jimmy – Beginner
Robin – Beginner women
Chuck – Master C
David – C
Dave - B
Darrin – B
Dylan - SS
Tony - SS
Chris – SS, Master A
Jason - Master A
Nick – SS, A

Darrin got 3rd and Dave got 7th in the B's. Nick got 7th and Dylan got 10th in the Singlespeeds.
Chris rode the SS race with a helmet cam. We put the footage together into a couple of videos.

alpenrose 09 chris mix from Dylan VanWeelden on Vimeo.

alpenrose 09 dylan mix from Dylan VanWeelden on Vimeo.

Robin S. took a bunch of photos from several of the races. Robin C. did her first cross race.

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Jbucky said...

James B - 32nd Master C.

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