Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Results for PDX SCHOOL OF CROSS week 3

Thank you to everyone that came out and practiced their cross skills and special thanks to all of the volunteer coaches. The last week of class was made entertaining by John Howe's display of how to give and receive a proper beer hand up, along with Nick Gibson's class on how to bunny hop a barrier. See you all at the Cross Crusade!

Sage Fuller
Kate Shaw
Mielle Bloomberg
Tonya Roe
Kendra Duong
Inga Johnson
Enily Longfield
Julie Kramer
Kimberly Popp
Jen Pasquarella
Marylynn King
Robin Cornuelle
Olivia Halfen
Rachel Pasternak
Laurie Daley
Emilia Sibley
Amanda Durkee
Isabel Scholz
Althea Rodgers
Devora Rubin

Michael Palmer
Adam Luneke
Andrew Sullivan
Rudolf Jung
Keith Levesque
Matt Moore
Jamaal Folsom
Victor Duong
Michael Fisher
Christopher Francoeur
Mark Reis
David Lowe-Rostad
Andrew Morphis
Thomas Smith
Nathan Rubin
Juergen Panoscha
Rutherford Brakke-Pound
Todd Mobley
Tim Bellis
Gabe Kutcher
Lars Christenson
Terry Campbell
Mark Chasse
Rich Rintoul
Emerson Webb
James Webb
Edward Rubin

Check out Photos from Dave Roth.

Then check out Photos from Erin Barnes.

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