Monday, February 2, 2009

Gutterball Challenge

Team Beer had a bowling invitational and the Vigilantes were invited. It was bigger and better than any of us could have expected! Most of the local teams had groups ready to throw down.

We rolled in our new Ghostbusters white unikits and took the Best Costume trophy.
Vigilantes got a lot of props for their unique warm up skits, which include Lane Lame Push ups and Striker Saucy Situps before their frames.
After making it through to the 1/4 finals the bike vigilantes got closed down buy a few points (I think less than 50 total game) before the semi's by Team Bike City racing. The Vigilantes lost to a team which included a pro bowler, read wrist support, and custom balls.
Team Ironclad won the night, with a lot of talk about an outside ringer being employed as he could not be found in any Obra results! go figure, apparently word on the street is that Ironclad do this a lot.
The "word on the street" has been corrected. Ironclad posted OBRA results for their monster bowlers. All three of these bowling machines are indeed OBRA racers with lots of results. Ironclad schooled us all fair and square.



uma k. • velo devi said...

How many stitches were required by the end of the night? Because you know what my pro-bowlin' daddy used to say?

"If ya ain't bleedin' ya ain't bowlin' hard enuff!"

The scenery is nice. Wish I was there.

Ms. Vanilla

proxy said...

Joe Leineweber

Greg Sanders

Brody Boeger

Maybe you could ammend the libel out of your last sentence.

I keep my balls away from pins said...

sounds like "Sauter grapes"

luvz yuz.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should learn how to spell from up on your high horse. Oh, wait, comments can't be amended.

bike city 104 said...

reading in between the lines...Ironclad, maybe they should be called Ironuptight, it's bowling come on.

Quenton said...

Personally, and I'm biased, I wouldn't think it's uptight for him to ask for a correction.

There's nothing wrong with smack talk, as long as it's accurate! However, if it has the possibility to create a false perception about a group of people, what's wrong in asking for it to be corrected?


O noez someone spelled something wrong on the interwebz. quick, someone condescend to their drastic oversight.

pdxvelo32 said...

I guess knowing the Yakima dudes, or at least some of them, I think they are pretty cool, joke around , light hearted, I mean look at the pranks they pull in cross. One dude snapped his fork off the line (looser), then they had foam machines, windmills and other silly shit . If Ironclad said yeah Yakima dudes are all butt ugly, and Yakima got bent outta shape and retaliated with Beauty Contest scores...I'd laugh.. who cares. it's the internets, chill out. bikes should be about fun and not all poker face race boy uptight.

Quenton said...

No, I agree totally.

I know a few of them thar Yakima dudes, and like them alot. They're good people.

It doesn't seem like anyone got bent out of shape. Except maybe home-slice who called my team in general "uptight:.

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